Dreaming Sophia — Because Dreaming is an Art

Dreaming Sophia is a magical look into Italy, its language, art, and culture. It is a story about turning dreams into reality and learning to walk the fine line between fact and fantasy. When tragedy strikes, Sophia finds herself alone in the world, without direction and fearful of loving again. With only her vivid imagination to guide her, she begins a journey that will take her from the vineyards in Sonoma, California to a grad school in Philadelphia and, eventually, to Italy: Florence, Lucca, Rome, Verona, Venice, and Val d’Orcia. Through dream-like encounters, Sophia meets Italian personalities—princes, poets, duchesses, artists, and film stars—who give her advice to help put her life back together. Following a path that takes her from grief to joy, she discovers the source of her creativity and learns to love again, turning her dreams into reality.

Reader ViewsSheri Hoyte:
Author Melissa Muldoon presents spellbinding artistic expression in her delightful story, Dreaming Sophia. Not your typical Italian romantic adventure a wonderful multifaceted story pushes through several genres. The development of her characters is flawless, effortless ability to draw readers into her world.

Layers and layers of exquisite entertainment!

I fell in love with Dreaming Sophia! You will feel as though you are with her on the streets of Florence, in the coffee shops and in her art studio. We watch her grow as an individual and as a woman and the transformation is wonderful. You feel almost like her Mother and best friend, wanting nothing but the best for Sophia. I wished the story would never have ended because I just couldn’t wait to see what happened next (to tell you would give away the story but trust me, she leaves you craving more!). Dreaming Sophia is a beautiful story of hope, faith, trust and a love of all things Italian. A truly wonderful novel to treasure over and over again.” Full Review

2017 Dreaming Sophia Florence Fan Tour

In September 2017, a group of 8 Dreaming Sophia Readers spent four Days and four Nights following in Melissa’s protagonist’s footsteps. We discovered Florence through the Eyes of an artist in a tour organized by the authot.

2017 Reader Tour Pictures and Tour Information
“I believe in dreams… dreams become reality,”

During the writing of “Dreaming Sophia,” I had the privilege of meeting Sophia Loren in person in 2016 during her One Woman Tour in Las Vegas, Nevada. I spoke with Miss Loren and told her about my novel “Dreaming Sophia,” how she had inspired it, and that she was a character in my story.

I kissed her on both cheeks in the Italian fashion, and we spoke for a while in Italian. What a thrill it was to hear her say on stage, “I believe in dreams… dreams become reality,” as this was the premise of my story. In my novel, Miss Loren guides my character, an American artist, to Italy and helps her find love and the source of her creativity.

After my book was published, I sent Miss Loren a copy, and she wrote back to me, thanking me in her own handwriting for my work promoting the Italian language and culture.

Discover the beauty of Italy — the cities, the culture, the music
and the films — in the pages of “Dreaming Sophia!”