Coming Fall 2018

Eternally Artemisia

Some loves like some women are timeless

They say some loves travel through time and are destined to meet over and over again. In the pages of Eternally Artemisia Maddie, an Art Therapist, leading Women’s retreats in Tuscany, wrestles with the “peculiar feeling” that she has lived previous lives and is being called to Italy by voices from the past that have left their footprints on her soul. Following Maddie’s journey to find her kindred spirits, readers will travel back to sixteenth-century Florence in a time when artists brandished a paintbrush as easily as a dagger. They will move forward in time to Rome in the 1930’s and rub elbows with fashionistas and movie stars. Hinged on the real-life events of Artemisia Gentileschi’s life, the first significant female artist, who in a time when it was unheard of to denounce a man for the crime of rape had done just that. Humiliated and disgraced, it was not only Artemisia’s art that saved her, but also the circle of friends who surrounded and supported her and gave her the courage she needed to redefine her destiny. In her day Artemisia set a shining example, and her message is still relevant: when we dare to take control of our destinies and find the thing we are most passionate about we are limitless.

Artemisia Photo Gallery – Rome, Tuscany & Florence